Personal Chef

Time to celebrate with authentic Mexican cuisine!
Allow me to be your Personal Chef for your Mexican celebration.

If you love Mexican food and intimate social gatherings, but you prefer not to cook, try the Chef-At-Home service. I will arrive and cook for you! Have fun, relax and enjoy the exquisite Mexican cuisine with your loved ones

Gather your friends or family, grab a drink, relax and enjoy while I cook a delicious Mexican dish for you!

Personal Chef service is offered from 6 to 12 people, bringing authentic Mexican cuisine to your home

Gluten-Free and Vegan dishes available upon request

You choose the menu, time and date, and I will arrive to take care of everything for you (see our Mexican Dishes)

Guests may watch the cooking process, take pictures, ask questions and even taste food

I will do the shopping, bring the ingredients and main cookware

Fresh and high quality ingredients are always used to prepare your favorite dishes

I will bring side dishes already prepared, cook a main dish in your kitchen, and leave the food ready for your guests to enjoy

Cooking sessions last about 2 hrs. (plus set-up and chef's clean-up)

Host takes care of the drinks, dishware, additional snacks and general clean-up

Available in Colorado Springs and vicinity. Extra fees may apply for out of city limits (Monument, Castle Rock, Littleton, South Denver, etc.)

Please contact me and ask for a quote:

Barbara cooking a home-made salsa
"Mexican Chef-At-Home"

“Barbara brought the wonderful taste of Mexico into our home and the meal was delicious!!! Hibiscus Tequila Sunrise cocktails, fabulous spinach salad with mango cilantro dressing, & chicken with Mole sauce!!! And the sweetness of Flan for dessert!!! It was insanely fantastic and her pleasant personality was the icing on the cake! I’d give 10 stars if I could”
– Mary Unruh, March 2018

Mexican cook, Barbara Santos
"Barbara cooking her famous Chiles en Nogada"
Mexican Chef-At-Home
"Chef-At-Home. Enjoying Ensalada Mexicana"
Chef-At-Home service from Cocina Corazón
"Chef-At-Home - Chiles en Nogada for twelve guests in La Jolla, CA"
Chef-At-Home service
"Personal chef service from Cocina Corazón"
Chef-At-Home at the Unruh's
"Personal chef for the Unruh family"