Mexican Menu

Choose one main dish, and two side dishes for your cooking class.

Gluten-Free, Vegan & Vegetarian options available upon request

Cocina Corazón's in-home Mexican cooking classes, classes in my kitchen studio and personal chef service offer an authentic Mexican menu, including Mexican recipes from many regions of Mexico. The world of Mexican food is vast and with endless variations. It makes me feel very proud to share my family recipes with you. Choose your favorite dishes and let's cook! * Signature dishes and seafood - extra fees may apply

Salsa Verde Asada / Grilled Green Salsa

Salsa Verde Hervida / Stewed Green Salsa

Salsa Verde Cruda / Raw Green Salsa

Salsa Borracha / Drunken Salsa

Salsa Taquera / Tomatillo, guajillo and árbol Salsa

Salsa Morita / Morita Red Salsa

Salsa de Chile Habanero / Habanero Salsa

Salsa de Chile de árbol / Chile de Arbol Salsa

Pico de Gallo

Salsa Roja Asada / Grilled Red Salsa

Salsa Roja Hervida / Stewed Red Salsa

Mole Poblano Tradicional / Mole from the region of Puebla (*)

Chiles en Nogada / Stuffed Poblano Peppers filled with picadillo and topped with Walnut Sauce (*)

Pescado a la Talla / Guerrero Style Red Snapper (*) extra fee may apply

Camarón Aguachile / Sinaloa Style Shrimp in Serrano Juice

Pozole Rojo / Mexican Red Posole from Jalisco

Pozole Verde / Mexican Green Posole from Guerrero

Pechugas Rellenas de Poblano en Salsa de Crema de Hongos / Stuffed chicken breasts with poblano pepper topped with mushroom creamy Sauce

Camarones al Pil Pil (Ajillo) / Pil Pil Shrimp (garlic, white wine & cayenne pepper)

Enchiladas de Pollo (salsa verde, mole o salsa roja) / Chicken Enchiladas (green, red or mole)

Cochinita Pibil / Pork in Achiote Sauce (*)

Ceviche de Camarón / Shrimp Ceviche *extra fee may apply

Albóndigas al Chipotle / Chipotle Meatballs

Rajas con Crema / Poblano Peppers and Cream

Enchiladas Michoacanas / Guajillo Enchiladas from Michoacán

Enchiladas Suizas / Enchiladas with green tomatillo creamy sauce

Enchiladas Poblanas / Poblano pepper sauce Enchiladas

Chiles Rellenos / Authentic Chiles Rellenos in Red Salsa

Tamales (salsa verde, roja, mole, rajas con queso, dulce) / Mexican Tamales (pork or chicken; green, red or mole salsa; vegetarian - poblano peppers and cheese, black beans) (*)

Carne Asada con Nopales en Salsa Verde / Steak Fajitas with cactus in salsa verde

Picadillo / Mexican picadillo - ground beef & pork with veggies in chipotle sauce

Champiñones al ajillo y guajillo / mushrooms sauteed in garlic and guajillo pepper

Chimichangas / flour tortillas stuffed with chicken tinga in chipotle sauce and deep fried

Fajitas de pollo o res / Chicken or beef fajitas with veggies

Calabacitas rellenas / Mexican squash stuffed with queso panela in tomato sauce

Tortitas de pollo en salsa verde o roja / Chicken patties in red or green salsa

Molletes / Refried beans, melted cheese in bolillo rolls (with pico de gallo)

Chilaquiles (verdes y rojos) / Corn tortillas cut in quarters and lightly fried, covered in green or red salsa

Huevos con chorizo / Scrambled eggs with Mexican chorizo (Mexican sausage)

Tostadas de pollo / Chicken tostadas

Taquitos de pollo / Fried chicken taquitos

Huevos Rancheros / Fried eggs in corn tortilla and covered with green or red salsa

Sopes con pollo / Chicken sopes in corn tortilla, beans, salsa and queso fresco

Sincronizadas / Round quesadillas filled with beans, ham, cheese and topped with salsa

Enfrijoladas (queso o pollo) / Black bean enchiladas (stuffed with cheese or chicken)

Entomatadas / Red tomato enchiladas (stuffed with cheese or chicken)

Salpicónde de res / Shredded beef in salad

Tinga de pollo / Shredded chicken in chipotle and tomato sauce

Papas con chorizo/ Potatoes and chorizo (Mexican sausage)

Chicharrón en salsa verde o roja / Pork rind in green or red salsa

Puntas de filete en salsa (verde, roja o chile pasilla) / Beef strips in red, green or pasilla sauce

Sopes / Chicken sopes in corn tortilla, beans, salsa and queso fresco

Ensalada de jicama con pepinos / Jicama and cucumber salad

Ensalada de jicama con naranja / Jicama and orange salad

Ensalada de jicama con piña / Jicama and pineapple salad

Ensalada Mexicana / Mexican salad - Jicama, mango, greens and cilantro dressing

Ensalada de Nopales / Mexican cactus salad

Guacamole tradicional / Mexican Guacamole

Papitas enchiladas / Spicy petite potatoes

Totopos con salsa / Chips and salsa

Totopos con pico de gallo / Pico de gallo & chips

Guacamole de la Casa / Cocina Corazón's Guacamole

Sopa de Flor de Calabaza/ Zucchini Blossoms soup

Sopa de Tortilla / Tortilla Soup

Sopa de pasta / Mexican pasta Soup (ideal for kids)

Sopa de hongos / Mushroom soup

Crema de Frijol / Black Bean Soup

Fideo Seco al Chipotle / Dry noodles in Chipotle

Arroz blanco / White Mexican Rice

Arroz rojo / Red Mexican Rice

Arroz amarillo / Yellow Rice with saffron and turmeric

Flor de Calabaza con Hongos (quesadilla) / Zucchini Blossoms with Mushrooms Quesadillas (*) during season

Nopales en Salsa Guajillo / Cactus in Guajillo Sauce

Frijoles Refritos con Queso Cotija/fresco / Refried Beans with Cotija Cheese

Frijoles Refritos con Chorizo / Refried Beans with Mexican sausage

Frijoles Negros Enteros / Whole Black Beans

Arroz con leche / Rice pudding

Flan Napolitano con caramelo / Flan

Gelatina de Mazapán / Marzipan dessert

Mousse de Guayaba, Mango, Mamey / Mexican fruit mousse (guava, mango, mamey)

Authentic Mexican food
"Authentic Mexican menu"